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Great Shit

Good Beat overall in every area, you should do a collabo with me silencedintruder


Oh no mario smoked himself retarded

i have heard serval mario beats and this one is in the top three and thats pretty good considering theres like a hundred of mario beats, but good and i know you put hard work into it thats why it gets a FIVE bitch! HAHAHA

Swapp responds:

hey thanks man I appreciate it ^_^

Oh My Godd!

This is your best beat on here, and i have to tell you nice work, i love the violins, and the the funk key board and lets rap together on this track, can you rap?

email me silencedintruder@hotmail.com

Realmguys responds:

Hey thanks for the compliments, it means alot man. To be honest I can barely sing, let alone rap. I'm not very lyrical, but feel free to post some rhymes with my tunes. I'd really like to hear it. Did you ever check out Nick's and my flash cartoon? Episode 2 is coming out within a month.... we hope.

Im scared

Nice drumline works weel with the bas, and the piano sounds excellent with the violins. Overall COLD!

Realmguys responds:

Thanks man! I heard this in my dream, and this is as close as I could get to what I remember.

Nicw Work KNUCK IF U BUCK!!!

Good job, sounds just like the original, i love that drum, i can am a top grade rapper and we should get like four others and make a remix with all new lyriks with the same chrous.

email me silencedintruder@hotmail.com

i gave you a four

ConnerB responds:

Ooh, good idea. If you're serious about this, we can make a remix, post it in the internet, and I can get it out there and play it on the radio station I DJ for. But you email me because I don't know what you would want me to say, haha.


-ConnerB (DJ Chaos)

nice klassy touch to it

klassic koldness, the bass line is nice very nice and the beat overall is great. I like the play between the piano and the strings. this would make a nice story rap song. keep it up dr mike!

illumatiks responds:

oh shit lol thas such a coincedance, someone else called me that today too cuz i fix up his rap beats lol....about tha story rap, there is alreadi one in production...itll be a while till its done tho


yes finish my friend, finish!

again white cheddar big mike comes through with the phattest production skillz.

Hey man whats up you need to executive produce my cd man for real!!!

dun na un after the dunt dunt dun that is sooo cold, nice drum line, nice bass, nice rhytem , nice lead , nice everything, keep up the great production work!

illumatiks responds:

lol thanks, everyone who has heard it, online and off, thinks its hot and then they get mad at me cuz they like 'WHERE THA REST?!' lol ill finish it

dark and scary very daring yes i like it fuck arou

d you might get

good beat we can make a quick song with this beat and then like you said you are still working on another beat for the collabo.

dark and heavy
spirtualal avalanche like a chevy
smoking on the chronik thats always smelly
stay with the brandy in my belly
are you ready for the battleplot
bold with my text in the 50 caliber font

oh man i could just flow off this beat, im going to write lyriks and you should too, please send me the complete version of this song, long engough for two verses each or two from me one from you and two chrouses. email me the whole beat.

mann i like this beat, even though some people reviewed it ok, this shit is totally unique and i like the organ and the voice, the drumline in phat and i cant really hear the bass well because i have earphones so when i get the complete beat i will burn it bump it and write some crazy ass dark lyriks, alright i await your mail.

illumatiks responds:

iight man, get an aim account just so i can send yu it, cuz i think email is too big, ill try though

i like that last line up there alot lol

iight yo ill write, SO MUCH SHIT TO DO AHH!!!, suprisedi even managed to submit a song.

iight yo, im OUT!!!...to read otha reviews lol

keep up the good work bro!

i see you holding shit down on tha east coast with the beats, every time i listen to one of your new beats, i already know its going to be cold. you take out the suprise factor.

But this time you really have done it again. This is got a hard club vibe to it. straight hardkore and going straight to my mixtape cd for me to rapp off of. The drumline is excellcant and the bass goes perfect with that dunaa dunt dunt, those strings. Sounds perfect no flaws and after we finish our current project i would like to lay down lyrics with you on this beat as well. Top notch quality producution, keep up the great work! no really you make my trip to newgrounds worth it.

illumatiks responds:

thanks, i feel even betta now then i did lol

ive made beats to that rap we sposed to be doin and i got about 13 possible incomplete ones...i havent submitted any to newgrounds though

Lets remix this song together

i finally heard your rap skills, you can rap, dont doubt yourself like you did in that one email.
Yo white chedda let me lay down two verses with you and you make two verses, on a new beat or even any one of your cold ones, lets make the rap about god and satan, im a top grade mc so we can have a tight song together. email me bro silencedintruder@hotmail.com
if you wanna do it, lets make a a very dark song like this one

illumatiks responds:

iight yo its a plan, check by yur email
thanks for reviewin

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fuck you


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